The Making of a Successful Case


Initial Consultation


Strategic Planning


Review Options


Commence Action

Small Claims Court

From unpaid invoices to personal damages, when it comes to small claims matters, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants to resolve their case.

Landlord and Tenant

We don’t only educate our clients on their rights, but also represent both landlords and tenants when assisting with tenancy disputes.

Highway Traffic Tickets

Our clients save time, money, and demerit points by choosing us to represent them on provincial matters across Ontario.

Helping Clients Resolve Complex Legal Matters

Solutions is what we strive for

When it comes to the clients that we work with, they range from both the public and small to mid-sized businesses. After being retained, we give our clients a step-by-step breakdown on legal proceedings for them to better understand how their case will be resolved. We are strong believers that in order to get the best results for your case, both the client and ourselves will need the following:

  • Trust between both the professional and client
  • Transparent client-relationship
  • A healthy line of communication

Let's talk about your case

Here we can give you insight and understanding on what your case is worth. If you need a quick response, please use our live chat option. If you are seeking to get a full in-depth breakdown of your case, we suggest that a case strategy should be conducted. A case strategy will give you a breakdown on the requirements of your case, legal research, and resources.