Small Claims Court

From unpaid invoices to personal damages, when it comes to small claims matters, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants to resolve their case.

Landlord and Tenant

We don’t only educate our clients on their rights, but also represent both landlords and tenants when assisting with tenancy disputes.


Once a judgment or an order has been issued, we review the case to advise our clients on the appropriate method or enforcement.

Highway Traffic Tickets

Our clients save time, money, and demerit points by choosing us to represent them on provincial matters across Ontario.

Helping Clients Resolve Complex Legal Matters

Solutions is what we strive for

Our legal services deals with many contractual disputes in Small Claims Court and the Landlord and Tenant Board. It only makes sense to have solid processes in place that will serve your case well before a judge. We assist our clients through the progression of the dispute: from establishing whether a contract exists, to whether (and how) it was breached; from determining who is at fault to who should be pursued and for how much. Is your claim based on a failure to perform the contract? Or unpaid debts? Whatever the situation is, we need to be fully prepared.

  • Find out what constitutes a contract and consider variations to standard forms
  • Review and strategize with the information provided to us to better determine if there is a cause of action
  • Consider the type of evidence the courts or tribunals would want to see to establish breach or failed performance

Let's talk about your case

Here we give you insight and understanding on your case. Once submitted, allow us to review your submission and reply with our thoughts and directions.

If you require a quicker response, you can contact us by phone to speak with one of our professionals.

If you are seeking to get a full case breakdown, we suggest to book a consultation to meet with us or request for a full case strategy. A case strategy will give you a breakdown on requirements to proceed with your case, legal research and resources.