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Providing Paralegal Services Across Ontario

Welcome To Ontario Legal Pool

A result driven paralegal practice with a law, business, and consulting background. I combine creativity, technical case strategy, and studied principles to provide quality legal services. Growing with the rapidly changing law industry, I take pride in staying current to better serve you and yours.

Languages available

  • English (Verbal and Written)
  • Spanish (Verbal and Written)

I don’t only assist my clients with their case, I educate them as well. When working together with a client on their case, I strive to have my client’s confidence level as high as my own.

Professional Approach

From consultations to services, I approach client’s cases with nothing but the highest level of professionalism.


Most to all of our legal fees are on a flat rate structure. Clients should have an understanding on how much a service would cost overall compared to knowing how much it is on an hourly basis.

Time Managment

Time is money, and that is the last thing I would want to waste. Once retained, you can expect a time frame breakdown on how long the service will take.