The Making of a Successful Case

In order to present you with the best strategy possible for your case, this type of consultation is a necessary starting point. The case strategy is beneficial to you as the client, as we prepare to provide you with efficient and effective service, with added transparency. By going beyond a brief consultation, we allot time just for you, so that you may tell us about your case and supply us with any associated documents and evidence. Using our extensive experience, we take the time to research your case, and present you with our findings and the best options for your case, giving you added value for the cost.

Case Summary

Once the consultation is complete, a summary outlining our research on your case, our thoughts, and experience with similar cases, will be emailed to you. We will provide you with advice on which direction to take for the best possible outcome for your case.

Cost Breakdown

In addition to your case summary, a thorough breakdown of court costs, possible disbursements, and legal fees will be included in the case strategy, so that you feel comfortable in knowing what the full associated costs are before proceeding.

Time Frame Report

The main time-frame to have the case strategy completed is 1-3 days, depending on the size of the case. We provide an option for “next day” turnaround at a premium price, which can be chosen at checkout.

Case Strategy

A case strategy is done using thorough research and proper examination of case details. The client is not only advised, but also educated on the necessary steps and procedures needed in order to resolve their matter soundly. The evidence/documents provided are reviewed in-depth to determine the merits it carries in your case. When you decide to retain our services after the case strategy is completed, if you decide to retain our services, the case strategy fee will be deducted from our legal fees to you.