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Welcome To Our Paralegal Firm

We are a result driven paralegal firm with a law, business, and consulting background. We combine creativity, technical case strategy, and studied principles to provide quality legal services. Growing with the rapidly changing law industry, we take pride in staying current to better serve you and yours.

Languages we speak

  • English (Verbal and Written)
  • Spanish (Verbal and Written)

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Professional Approach

From consultations to services, we approach client’s cases with nothing but the highest level of professionalism.


Most to all of our legal fees are on a flat rate structure. Clients should have an understanding on how much a service would cost overall compared to knowing how much it is on an hourly basis.

Time Managment

Time is money, and that is the last thing we would want to waste. Once we are retained, you can expect a time frame breakdown on how long the service will take.